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About Us

Maetrics is a full service life sciences consulting firm with global headquaters based in Indianapolis USA. Founded in 1984, Maetrics has evolved to become a global force supporting leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device firms with their most critical enterprise compliance, performance improvement, risk management, information technology and organisational change management initiatives.

Our company is exclusively focused on the life science industry, enabling us to provide superior insights to our clients. Our unique business acumen and delivery model has been rewarded by repeated engagements with our client base year after year.

Operating in the UK for 13 years and with offices in Switzerland, Maetrics is able to offer strategic consultancy to their client base throughout the United States and Europe.

Our track record means that we can deliver proven approaches to address common compliance, regulatory and quality problems. With our vast knowledge and experience base, we can also work to address the unique and extraordinary compliance challenges that come your way.

Compliance Agility + Global Acumen