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Information Tech & Data Analysis

Converting data into knowledge to create value, enable decision making and manage risk.

Maetrics has helped leading life sciences organisations improve financial return on IT investments while establishing and maintaining regulatory compliance. Our expertise spans from aligning IT operations with business strategy, through to performance analytics and decision management, as well as 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

Data is at the core of every good business strategy. And every organisation holds a wealth of data, most of the time hidden in different silos of the business. Regardless of where the data resides – audited management reports, business intelligence systems or enterprise applications – Maetrics can provide on-demand information critical to effective decision making. Our proprietary software – Vision™ – is an innovative solution that delivers vital information executives need.

The Maetrics PLUS:
+ We understand how a good IT and data strategy can have a ripple effect across your entire organisation
+ Offering innovative and compliant solutions
+ Our IT specialists know how life science companies are run

Maetrics will work with you to define, develop and deliver IT initiatives that support business imperatives and provide critical management insights.