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M&A Integration and Deal Support

Supporting and enhancing strategy development, pre- and post- M&A.

Maetrics helps life science organisations take advantage of strategic market opportunities. Whether you’re putting a life sciences company together or divesting operations, we deliver a holistic compliance M&A service; from idea generation and market scoping, through to post-acquisition integration support.

Most importantly we help businesses ascertain how compliant the prospect’s products and operations are. We can perform deep audits and get real insight into the levels of compliance and how much regulatory investment is needed to make the acquisition work.

The Maetrics PLUS:
+ Our business acumen offers clients practical and realistic guidance
+ We are life science specialists delivering strategic advice across the industry
+ Our client centric approach means we aim to deliver tangible results

Maetrics offers operational diligence experience, deep functional knowledge and global professionals to assist clients with the entire transaction life cycle. By critically evaluating a target’s attractiveness through regulatory, quality and operational lenses, we will help you to realise the true potential and pitfalls for effective executive decision-making, negotiation and integration of the deal.