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Maximise the professional development of your teams – view our training portfolio delivered by highly experienced consultants in the field.

We have developed a training portfolio specifically designed to back your success in the medical device industry – Maetrics U. Our compliance training courses are delivered by experienced Maetrics trainers who understand exactly the needs of professionals in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 97% of delegates attending Maetrics U public training courses rate the courses as excellent. All our courses are delivered in English.

cpd-memberOur comprehensive programme of courses is based on practical and interactive content – think of it as a university concerned solely with teaching real-life strategies and solutions to the medical device industry.

You will learn compliance and quality strategies that YOU can apply to YOUR own organisation. When you sign up to a course, you can feel confident it will support your own business needs and aspirations. We want YOU to get the most out of the course.